The New Way
of Travelling
AnyWay erases the boundaries in travelling across cities by leveraging various car-sharing services
We are on-demand transportation platform connecting cities via
car-sharing services.

We all know that renting a car ends up a costly affair unless you go for a round trip. Wouldn't it great, if it had been the other way around? AnyWay app users can rent a car in one city with dropping off in another city and pay only for the ride.
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How It Works
Just type in your destination city and you are offered the closest car-sharing vehicle available for a trip. Get the estimated price without hidden fees.
It's obvious choice
when you travel from one city to another
Total costs
CO2 emission
Any way*
Rental Car
(i.e making stops anywhere)
(i.e ride right now)
* Intercity 2h trip via car-sharing service on electric vehicle with two passengers
eur 26
eur 250
eur 100
eur 30
0 g
26,000 g
5,600 g
12,600 g
We are all the one nation. We live in one place – our planet. We want to be free to move to our friends and relatives living in another cities in affordable and efficiency way.

So, say goodbye to any boundaries,
now you can travel any way via Any way.
Roman Tyan, CEO & Founder
News and Views
Any way was selected to IoT Tribe, the UK equity-free accelerator for market ready industrial technology start-ups!
Feb 26th, 2019
Any way is inviting everyone for our DemoDay on May 16th in London. We will present our technology and new release of the App.
Apr 30th, 2019
Any way is going to VIVA in Paris. Meet us at the exhibition stand # J53-008 on May 16-18.
May 6th, 2019
Ready to Get Started?
Sign up for a Any way account or ask to see our platform in action.
Strawinskylaan 613 • Tower A, WTC • 1077 XX Amsterdam • The Netherlands
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